In enameled design, designed for the production of champagne wines. Working pressure MPa (kgf/cm2) - 0,6 (6). Residual pressure MPa (kgf/cm2) : not less - 0,4 (4). In the shirt - MPa (kgf/cm2) - 0,3 (3).



Fittings table

Designation of the union Nominal diameter, mm
А (for the entry and exit of carbon dioxide) 50
Б (for resistance thermometer) М20х1,5
В (for a glass thermometer) М27х2
Г (for the entrance and exit of champagne) 100
Д (for brine entry) 50
Е (for brine outlet) 50
Ж (for air outlet) М20х1,5
З (for a manometer) М20х1,5
И (for instrument installation) 200
К (luke) 600
Л (for the safety valve) М39х2
М (for a sampling and drain cock) G 3/4
К (for brine discharge) 100


Characteristics of collections

Symbol  Volume nominal, m3 Internal or external diameter of the casing, mm Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg, no more than Specific gravity,
kg/m2 no more
length, В width, L height, Н
Collection of akrakofor СЕонв 6,3 6,3 1800 2150 2100 4100 680 571
Collection of akrakofor СЕонв 8,0 8,0 2000 2150 2100 5200 950 563


Product сatalog:

Capacitive equipment
- Underground horizontal drainage tanks
- Double walled basins
- Air collectors for compressor plants
- Containers for liquefied gases of propane and butane
- Deaeration tank of atmospheric pressure
- Drum Separators
- Containers for odorant storage
- Containers for transportation and storage of ammonia
- Container for storage and transportation of chlorine - Percolators

Equipment for oil and gas pipelines
- Start-up (reception) chambers of means for cleaning and diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines
- Filters liquid mesh type MDL
- Filters for dirt traps
- Details of welded steel pipes
- Flare for burning associated gas

Oil and gas separators
- Oil and gas separators with water discharge
- Oil and gas separators for degassing
- Flare separators
- Gas separators mesh

Heat exchanging equipment
- Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a floating head
- Heat exchangers with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Heat exchangers with a floating head and U-shaped tubes
- Thermosilphone evaporators with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Vacuum capacitors with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Pipe bundles
- Apparatus for air cooling oil

Enamel equipment
- Apparatuses with mechanical stirring device
- Apparatuses - thermosimulators
- Collections steel enameled
- Collectors for transportation of aggressive liquids
- Collector-akratofory
- Apparatuses (bowls) evaporated steel enameled
- Heat exchangers such as "pipe in pipe"
- Heat exchangers of the "vessel in a vessel" type
- Filters steel enameled under vacuum (NUTC filters)
- Filters steel enamelled under pressure (FRC filters)
- Capacitive filter with rising stirring device
- Dish-washing machine, enameled, drum type
- Column apparatuses
- Steel framework enamelled

Mixing equipment
- Chemical reactors with agitating device
- Industrial Mixers
- Faucets with Z-shaped blades