Air collectors for compressor plants

Technical conditions 26-01-1073-90

Air ducts are designed for smoothing pulsations in air lines when operating stationary stationary compressors of general purpose and creating an air reserve for technological needs at an operating pressure of not more than 0.785 MPa and a temperature of at least minus 60°C and not above plus 180°C under conditions of multiple loads with the number of load cycles not more than permissible when installing them in areas with seismicity of not more than 6 points.

Air ducts are equipped with fittings. The sealing surface of the flange connections of the unions is a "connecting protrusion". The nominal pressure of the flanges of the connections is 1.6 MPa.

For material execution, the air vents are manufactured in three types, depending on the minimum operating temperature:

1 - minus 20°C

2 - minus 40°C

3 - minus 60°C


Technical characteristics and dimensions


Notation Volume, cub.m. D H Mass, kg, no more than
В-0,5 0,5 600 2840 300
В-1 1 800 3170 400
В-1,6 1,6 1000 3010 500
В-2 2 1000 3610 600
В-3,2 3,2 1200 3960 900
В-4 4 1200 4680 1200
В-6,3 6,3 1400 4750 1700
В-8 8 1600 4595 1900
В-10 10 1600 5700 2200
В-16 16 2000 5710 3500
В-20 20 2000 7055 4400
В-25 25 2200 7370 5400


Product сatalog:

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