Drying machine enameled drum type vacuum

Drying machine enameled drum type vacuum V=1,0 m3 it is intended for soft drying with simultaneous mixing of pharmaceutical and other sensitive to overheating materials.

Drying occurs under vacuum with simultaneous rotation of the dryer (the material inside is poured) by heating the jacket.

Explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Loading - 20% of the volume.

Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2):
   • in the case - 0,04 (4,0);
   • in a shirt - 0,6 (6,0).

Symbol Working volume, m3 Shirt volume, m3 Weight, kg Overall dimensions Engine power, kW Mixer speed, rpm
Length, L Width, B Height, H
Dryer ВСЕ-1,0 1,0 0,186 3187 3215 1610 3050 3,0 10

Product сatalog:

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