Start-up (reception) chambers of means for cleaning and diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines

The chambers for starting and receiving the cleaning and diagnostic (CDT) of the linear part of the main oil and gas pipelines are designed for installation on stationary launch and intake assemblies of in-line cleaning facilities, diagnostics, sealing and separation devices in the flow of the pumped product.

Starting and receiving chambers are installed on pipelines with a conditional pass from DN150 to DN1200 inclusive and rated pressure up to PN 15,0 МPа.

Depending on the location of the branch pipes for supply and removal of oil in relation to the direction of pumping, the chambers can be made left (L) and right (R).

Seismicity of the installation areas of cameras - up to 9 points on a 12-point scale.

Cameras are operated in macroclimate regions with a temperate and cold climate with an installation in the open air with a possible range of ambient temperatures from plus 40°С up to minus 60°С.

The chambers are convenient in operation, allow to open the bolt for 10-20 minutes and provide access to the internal cavity for installation of a flaw detector, a cleaning piston and other flow means.

The length of the camera body allows the use of any modern diagnostic tools.

Completeness of delivery of cameras
Accessories Trigger Camera Reception Camera
Trigger Camera + + + - - -
Reception Camera - - - + + +
The device is bootable
(cantilever crane)
- + + - + +
Tray + + + + + +
Winch + + + + + +
Pallet + + + + + +
Bolts for foundation + + + + + +
Tool kit and accessories
(in front frontal device)
+ + + - - -
Bagore + + + + + +
Flow control device + + + + + +
Manometer + + + + + +

Cameras are manufactured according to the technical task or questionnaire provided by the customer.

Product сatalog:

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