Apparatuses - thermosimulators

Apparatuses - thermo-reflectors are intended for heat treatment of pulp and juice, as well as for infusion with mashing wort in the process of production of vintage dessert wine materials.

The inner surface of the case has an acid-resistant enamel coating.

Working temperature:

Working environment:

Rotation speed of mixer, s-1(rpm):

Electric motor power, kW:


Fittings table

Fitting designation Appointment Ду, mm
8,0 m3 10,0 m3
A Luke 400
Б For water outlet 100
В Technological 100
Г For the exit of carbon dioxide 100
Д For the level indicator 100
Е For injector 50/100
Ж To load juice, pulp 100
З For ventilation 250
И To enter the water 100
К For a thermocouple М20х1,5
Л For product exit 300/200


Technical characteristics of devices

Notation СЕон 8,0-В0 СЕон 10,0-В0
D, mm 2000 2200
D1, mm 2200 2400
D2, mm 1700 1700
D3, mm 2190 2200
D4, mm 2450 -
D5, mm 2020 2040
d, mm 35 35
R, mm 600 600
H1, mm 3170 3070
H2, mm 2690 2660
H3, mm 260 -
H4, mm 2860 2820
h, mm 1150 1150
h1, mm 5200 5200
h2, mm 6000 6000
L, mm - 2580
l, mm 700 500
l1, mm 650 650
Mass, kg 5200 5690

Product сatalog:

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