Technological services EVROHIMMASH K.O. LTD

Blanks forging and forging

Cutting of section bars (circle) up to 280 mm in diameter.

Cutting of sheet metal with thickness up to 16 mm, width up to 3000 mm and its cutting on guillotine shears.

Cutting and cutting of rolled steel of carbon steels up to 200 mm thick by thermal cutting (on a copying machine and manually).

Cutting and cutting of rolled steel of alloyed steels up to 60 mm thick by plasma cutting (by copying and by hand).

Bending of sheet metal on a sheet bending press up to 6 mm thick and up to 2500 mm long.

Punching bottoms from 159 to 2000 mm in diameter from carbon and alloy steels up to 40 mm thick.

Stamping of blanks in the cold state on a press with a force of up to 630 tf.

Bending of pipes with a diameter of 14-108 mm for a radius of 28 mm (for the pipe Ø14...20mm).

Manufacture of coils of carbon and alloy pipes Ø14-76 mm.

Bending of rings with diameter from 800 mm from rolled section up to size 70×70mm.

Producing forgings with a mass of not more than 50 kg on a pneumatic hammer with a mass of falling parts of 1000 kg.

Assembly and welding production

Welding of edges for welding in sheet blanks up to 8000 mm on an edge-cutting machine.

Rolling of shells on sheet bending rollers:

Assembly for welding of tanks and metal structures from carbon, alloy steels, titanium alloys and copper.

Manual, argon-arc, semi-automatic, automatic welding of containers and metal structures from carbon and alloy steels.

Argon-arc welding of titanium alloys and copper.

Hydraulic testing of capacitive equipment with a maximum pressure of up to 30 MPa.

Pneumatic tests of linings, reinforcing rings, etc. with pressure up to 6.3 MPa.

Control methods used to determine
the properties of materials and welded joints

Chemical analysis of carbon and alloy steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Metallographic control of carbon and alloy steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Testing of stainless steels for resistance to intercrystalline corrosion.

Mechanical tests of carbon and alloy steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Mechanical testing of samples of welded joints.

X-ray inspection of welded joints.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection.

Color flaw detection for surface defects of welded joints.

Machining production

Lathe workpieces and knots in sizes:

Machining on planers of blanks and knots long up to 3000 mm and width up to 1300 mm.

Performing keyways with a width of up to 24 mm in bushings, gears, etc. on slotting machines.

Processing on milling machines of blanks and knots long up to 4000 mm and width up to 1000 mm.

Processing of billets and knots on horizontal boring machines up to 1200 mm and width up to 1000 mm with boring depth up to 700 mm.

Drilling of blanks and knots on radial drilling machines with drilling diameter up to 70 mm.

External grinding of parts with diameter up to 280 mm and length up to 700 mm.

Internal grinding of parts with hole diameter up to 100mm and grinding length up to 125mm.

Flat grinding on machines with a rectangular table of parts up to 800 mm long, 300 mm wide and 280 mm high.

Milling of teeth of cylindrical wheels with a cutting diameter of up to 800 mm, with a maximum module of 10.

Execution of external and internal modular teeth by chiselling.

Manufacture of rollers, shafts, blades.

Performing turning, welding, milling, grinding and other types of work, according to the technological documentation of the customer.

We carry out the following types of work:

The enterprise accepts applications for manufacturing of non-standard products, development of documentation or manufacturing of products according to customer's sketches.

Product сatalog:

Capacitive equipment
- Underground horizontal drainage tanks
- Double walled basins
- Air collectors for compressor plants
- Containers for liquefied gases of propane and butane
- Deaeration tank of atmospheric pressure
- Drum Separators
- Containers for odorant storage
- Containers for transportation and storage of ammonia
- Container for storage and transportation of chlorine - Percolators

Equipment for oil and gas pipelines
- Start-up (reception) chambers of means for cleaning and diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines
- Filters liquid mesh type MDL
- Filters for dirt traps
- Details of welded steel pipes
- Flare for burning associated gas

Oil and gas separators
- Oil and gas separators with water discharge
- Oil and gas separators for degassing
- Flare separators
- Gas separators mesh

Heat exchanging equipment
- Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a floating head
- Heat exchangers with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Heat exchangers with a floating head and U-shaped tubes
- Thermosilphone evaporators with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Vacuum capacitors with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Pipe bundles
- Apparatus for air cooling oil

Enamel equipment
- Apparatuses with mechanical stirring device
- Apparatuses - thermosimulators
- Collections steel enameled
- Collectors for transportation of aggressive liquids
- Collector-akratofory
- Apparatuses (bowls) evaporated steel enameled
- Heat exchangers such as "pipe in pipe"
- Heat exchangers of the "vessel in a vessel" type
- Filters steel enameled under vacuum (NUTC filters)
- Filters steel enamelled under pressure (FRC filters)
- Capacitive filter with rising stirring device
- Dish-washing machine, enameled, drum type
- Column apparatuses
- Steel framework enamelled

Mixing equipment
- Chemical reactors with agitating device
- Industrial Mixers
- Faucets with Z-shaped blades