Pipe bundles

Pipe bundles are designed for heating, cooling, condensation of liquid and gaseous media in the composition of heat exchangers with a floating and fixed tube head used in the technological processes of oil refining, chemical, petrochemical and gas industries.


Pipes - brass, carbon steel (steel 10-20), heat resistant steel (15Х5М), stainless steel (12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т), cuprum

Tubular gratings - carbon steel, bimetal (steel + brass), heat resistant steel (15Х5М), stainless steel (12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т), cuprum


Value Dimensions
Case diameter, mm 325-1800
Pressure, kgf/cm2 16-83
Length of heat exchange tubes, mm 3000-12000
Diameter of heat-exchange tubes, mm 20; 25
Heat exchange surface, m2 9,4-2000

Pipe bundles are an indispensable element that is used in the construction of various shell-and-tube heat exchangers and are designed to provide optimum heating and cooling of air or working fluids. Our company offers in its range a variety of different types of such products at the most affordable price.

Pipe bundles are one of the most important elements of heat exchange equipment, which directly affects the efficiency of its use, and can also have a significant impact on its overall operating life. In themselves, they are a set of pipe lashes, which are securely fixed with a special high-strength frame.

In our assortment you can always find the tube bundles intended for use in any heat exchangers, refrigerators, condensers and evaporators, and among other things you can order the manufacture of such products for individual needs.

Also, due to the use of such tube bundles manufactured by the newest production technology, the most simple replacement of the tubes at the breakdown site is ensured.

Product сatalog:

Capacitive equipment
- Underground horizontal drainage tanks
- Double walled basins
- Air collectors for compressor plants
- Containers for liquefied gases of propane and butane
- Deaeration tank of atmospheric pressure
- Drum Separators
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- Containers for transportation and storage of ammonia
- Container for storage and transportation of chlorine - Percolators

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- Filters for dirt traps
- Details of welded steel pipes
- Flare for burning associated gas

Oil and gas separators
- Oil and gas separators with water discharge
- Oil and gas separators for degassing
- Flare separators
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Heat exchanging equipment
- Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a floating head
- Heat exchangers with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Heat exchangers with a floating head and U-shaped tubes
- Thermosilphone evaporators with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Vacuum capacitors with fixed tube grids and temperature compensator
- Pipe bundles
- Apparatus for air cooling oil

Enamel equipment
- Apparatuses with mechanical stirring device
- Apparatuses - thermosimulators
- Collections steel enameled
- Collectors for transportation of aggressive liquids
- Collector-akratofory
- Apparatuses (bowls) evaporated steel enameled
- Heat exchangers such as "pipe in pipe"
- Heat exchangers of the "vessel in a vessel" type
- Filters steel enameled under vacuum (NUTC filters)
- Filters steel enamelled under pressure (FRC filters)
- Capacitive filter with rising stirring device
- Dish-washing machine, enameled, drum type
- Column apparatuses
- Steel framework enamelled

Mixing equipment
- Chemical reactors with agitating device
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