Apparatus for air cooling oil

Apparatuses for air cooling of oil type АACO are designed for cooling low-pressure oil at compressor stations of main gas pipelines, as well as for condensation and cooling of vapor, gaseous and liquid media used in the technological processes of the oil and gas processing industry. Apparatuses are operated outdoors in a temperate climate with an average temperature of the coldest five-day period of at least minus 40 °С.

The device consists of one heat exchange section with chambers, blown by a stream of air, which is pumped by fans. The section is located horizontally and is mounted on a metal supporting structure along with axial fans, actuators, jalousie, diffusers, ducts.

The device is delivered in one unit in full factory readiness and does not require any assembling at the installation site.

The design of the device allows you to change the intensity of cooling by adjusting the supply of air, working fluid or stopping the fans.

Fittings table

Notation Name Amount Ду, mm Ру, kgf/сm2
А Input of oil 1 100 16
Б Oil output
В Air 4 М12Ч1,5 -
Г Draining

Technical specifications

The name of indicators Value
Area of heat exchange section, m2 1080
Coefficient of fin fineness 9,8
Length of finned tubes, m 4,94
Number of rows of pipes 6
Number of strokes per pipe space 6
Operating temperature of the cooled medium, not more than °С 100
Working overpressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,7 (7,0)
Rated pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,7 (7,0)
Design temperature (for strength), °С 150
The minimum wall temperature of parts working under pressure, °С minus 40
Calculated parameters of the section:
     - oil consumption, m3
     - inlet oil temperature, °С
     - outlet oil temperature, °С
     - design air temperature, °С


It is possible to produce heat exchangers for air cooling by section.

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